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Juan López Minutos

One of two Regional Editions for the French market in 2013, the Juan Lopez Minutos is a small cigar that delivers big on flavour.

Review Date: 28th August 2014

Quintero Favoritos

A review and critique of the Quintero Favoritos, a Robusto sized Cigar that has been available for purchase for the last two years.

Review Date: 12th August 2014

Bolívar Coronas Junior

Here's my review of the Bolivar Coronas Junior, the smallest Bolivar Cigar in current regular production.

Review Date: 10th September 2012

Punch Medalla de Oro

Launched at the Hunters & Frankau Summer Party, the Punch Medalla de Oro is one of the finest looking Cuban Cigars you will likely to see.

Review Date: 12th June 2012

Partagás Serie du Connaisseur No. 3

Discontinued in 2010, the Partagás Serie du Connaisseur No. 3 is another casualty in Habanos SA's crusade to axe any long and slender Cigars. An interesting combination of flavours, the Serie du Connaisseur No. 3 has notes of Bell Pepper, leather and chocolate.

Review Date: 29th May 2012

Bolívar Petit Libertador

The 2008 Regional Edition for France is a short, little Cigar that is mild in body but full of flavour. Four years of ageing has turned this Cigar into a mix of sweet and sour cherry.

Review Date: 13th May 2012

Rafael González Perlas

This short, thirty minute Cigar was as inviting as they come. Dark and tasty, the Rafael González Perlas is a welcome addition to anyone's humidor.

Review Date: 6th May 2012

Montecristo Master

Released in 2009, the Montecristo Open Range was seen a failure among many Cigar smokers. With two years of age, will the Montecristo Open Master fair any better?

Review Date: 4th May 2012

Bolívar Británicas

The 2011 Regional Edition for Great Britain, the Bolívar Británicas is a fine looking Cigar, named after it's unique shape. Will this be a great Regional Edition, or will it just be another run of the mill Habanos Regional release?

Review Date: 19th April 2012

Fonseca Cosacos

When I have the chance to sample a Cigar with a little bit of age on it, I had to jump at the chance. These Fonseca Cosacos were made in 1998, so they have had plenty of time to age into a great Cigar. But had they?

Review Date: 17th April 2012

La Flor de Cano Short Robusto

One of the most anticipated Cuban Cigars of the year, the 2010 United Kingdom La Flor de Cano Short Robusto is worth the wait. A mellow yet full flavoured Cigar.

Review Date: 9th August 2011

Partagás Serie D No. 4

My second Video Cuban Cigar review puts the Partagas Serie D No. 4 in the spotlight, one of the most popular Robusto's on the market.

Review Date: 21st July 2011

Bolívar Coronas Extras

Here it is, my first Cuban Cigar Video Review. I'm reviewing here on of my all-time favourite Cigars, the Bolivar Coronas Extras. A solid, full bodied smoke.

Review Date: 11th July 2011

Cuaba Divinos

The smallest of the Cuaba range, the Divinos is a quick smoke. A marmite Cigar if I ever smoked one.

Review Date: 7th July 2011

Montecristo No. 5

A Tres Petit Corona, the Montecristo #5 is the perfect Cigar if you're spending the afternoon at a Cafe with an espresso.

Review Date: 26th June 2011

Juan López Petit Coronas

One of the lesser known Petit Corona's, this Juan Lopez is full in flavour.

Review Date: 22nd June 2011

Partagás Petit Coronas Especiales

The bigger brother of the Partagas Short, the Partagas Petit Coronas Especiales also packs a might punch. A lovely evening Cigar with a nice strong coffee.

Review Date: 5th March 2011

Regius Robusto

Review of the Robusto size of Regius Cigars' . One of the best non-Cubans I have smoked in a long while, with a rich dark chocolate element.

Review Date: 12th December 2010

Diplomáticos No. 2

One of the more lesser well known Torpedos under general release, the Diplomaticos #2 is a light to medium bodied smoke with a delightful creaminess. A sunny yet unpredictable Saturday afternoon is the backdrop to this hour and fifteen minute smoke.

Review Date: 22nd August 2010

Sancho Panza Non Plus

One of the scarcer brands from Cuba, the Sancho Panza Non Plus is a small Cigar that should give you around an hour smoking time. I sat outside a warm but windy Sunday afternoon to enjoy this little smoke.

Review Date: 6th May 2010

Cohiba Siglo II

The Siglo range have been Cohiba's flagship Cigars for nearly twenty years now. All sharing the trademark honey, grassy flavour profile, they are popular, well respected smokes amongst the Cigar community. The Siglo II is one of the most popular of the range and I had the chance to smoke this Cigar one evening. Here are my thoughts...

Review Date: 29th March 2010

Fonseca KDT Cadetes

Fonseca are one of Cuba's unique brands where they are the only range that come wrapped in Japanese tissue paper. I sat outside a drab and rainy Saturday afternoon in Cardiff to smoke and review this little smoke.

Review Date: 25th March 2010

Montecristo Petit Tubos

Montecristo is one of the most easily recognisable Cuban Brands and what easier way to sample them is through buying a Tubed version of them in your local Tobacconist? With a Old Speckled Hen, I sit down to review this old stalwart.

Review Date: 15th January 2010

Guantanamera Cristales

The Guantanamera Cristales are one of the lighter bodied Cigars on the Cuban market that come in a clear plastic tube; a unique feature that belongs to this brand only. I sat down this evening with this Cigar. Here are my thoughts.

Review Date: 10th January 2010

Ramon Allónes 8 9 8

It's not often you get to try a discontinued Cuban Cigar. Luckily enough the Davidoff shop in London had a few Ramon Allones 8-9-8 EMS to try. The Ramon Allones' never usually disappoint, with any luck, this one won't either.

Review Date: 26th October 2009

Partagás Serie P No. 2

The Partagas P2 has gained a formidable reputation in the last couple of years as a powerhouse, dependable smoke. I sat down one evening and wrestled with the most consistent smoke to come out of Cuba in recent times.

Review Date: 21st July 2009

Bolívar Lonsdale

It's an unusual partnership when the Bolívar, known for it's strength, is married with the Lonsdale vitola, that is reputed for it's elegance. But somehow, in this case, the two just worked, giving a great two hour experience.

Review Date: 15th July 2009

Montecristo No. 2

A true Cuban classic, everyone should at least have one or more Montecristo No. 2's in their humidor. But what about recent production? Does the vitola have plenty to offer for novice and experienced smokers?

Review Date: 12th July 2009

San Cristóbal El Principe

One of the more insider brands, San Cristobal always seem to hit the mark with their trademark profile of nuts and mocha. The El Principe upholds this tradition; delivering a flavour bomb.

Review Date: 30th March 2009
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