Partagás Serie P No. 2 - Cuban Cigar Review

The Partagas P2 has gained a formidable reputation in the last couple of years as a powerhouse, dependable smoke. I sat down one evening and wrestled with the most consistent smoke to come out of Cuba in recent times.

I thought today I.d treat myself with possibly one of the best Cuban Cigars in current production, the Partagas Series P No. 2. A Torpedo shaped Cigar, this beast of a smoke is elegant yet strong.

Partagas P2

Partagas has always been about walking the walk as opposed to many other popular and celebrated brands who sometimes disappoint after all the hype. A full bodied range, the brand is known for it's strong, old school Havana blend and flavours.

As some of you might be aware, I reviewed a Montecristo #2 a week back. The #2 has never been as consistent as it once was, and after smoking one I was left wanting a little more. It will be interesting to compare the Partagas P2 against the Montecristo.

Partagas P2

This Partagas P2 that I am smoking today is from a tubed three pack. P2's in a tube is a relatively new release from 2008 onwards. The Party P2 comes in a slick black tube with red lettering. The design guys at Habanos have done a sterling job there!

I.m not sure how old the Cigar is, but from the fact that it.s come in a tube, it would be a year old at the most. Therefore I.m expecting some fireworks from this; maybe a little too unrestrained. firecrackers ahoy!

Appearance wise, the wrapper was dark and sultry. Although I would not say that it was perfect, the head could have been put on slightly better but I would not expect any issues.

Partagas P2

As usual, the cut and draw are spot on. The problems of the early millennium regarding draw are long gone. I can.t remember the last time I had an issue with the draw in an .06 or later Cigar. Lighting up took a minute or so, mostly because of the large girth of the Cigar.

The first few puffs greeted me with a powerful blast of pepper and toast. No question that this will be a flavourful smoke. Once the Partagas got into running speed of an inch or so in the pepper flavours mellowed slightly and everything got into cruise control.

The toast disappeared and a more espresso, mixed with Marmite flavour started to develop that was most welcoming. Still, the Cigar was burning magnificently without no need of any relights or touch ups.

Towards the half way point and onwards the Cigar still smoked beautifully. The body strong and the taste was in full flight. Peppery, with an espresso kick that just kept on going. I smoked the blighter to the nub. Tasty.

In the past I have smoked around 20 of these guys and this is one Cigar with some aging will come into it's own. From my own experience, with only a year's worth of storage the pure strength of the Partagas subsides only slightly, but just enough for the complexity and finesse of the Cigar to come through.

Partagas P2

With the Cigar being in a tube, I can see the .Wine in the Bottle. effect enhancing these much more than they would in a normal Cabinet of twenty five that these smokes usually come in.

If you put the Montecristo #2 against the Partagas P2 there is no question which is the current better smoke of the two. If you are able to handle fuller bodied Cigars then I would suggest you go for the Partagas over the Montecristo as you will get a better, higher quality smoke. The time might come in the near future for the #2 to shine again, but for the moment the Partagas is the one to go for.

  • Appearance: 13/15
  • Draw & Burn: 19/20
  • Flavour & Complexity: 27/30
  • Overall: 33/35
  • Total: 92/100
Final Score:
4 out of 5
4 out of 5

Serie P No. 2

Partagás Serie P No. 2
Cigar Name: Serie P No. 2
Size: Pyramid
Factory Vitola: Pirámides
Ring Gauge: 52
Length (mm): 156mm

Status: Currently Available.
Information last updated on Friday, 8th November 2013.
Partagas Serie P No. 2
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