Cohiba Siglo II - Cuban Cigar Review

The Siglo range have been Cohiba's flagship Cigars for nearly twenty years now. All sharing the trademark honey, grassy flavour profile, they are popular, well respected smokes amongst the Cigar community. The Siglo II is one of the most popular of the range and I had the chance to smoke this Cigar one evening. Here are my thoughts...

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Presentation
  3. Cut & Lighting
  4. First Third
  5. Second Third
  6. Final Third
  7. Conclusion & Scoring

1. Introduction

This evening's Cigar is the Cohiba Siglo II. One of the Siglo Series, this Cohiba measures in at 5" x 42 ring gauge. I've found the Siglo range a little hit and miss. The Siglo VI for example, is just a fat Cigar that is just too timid to keep you interested for such a big smoke. I've smoked a couple during the last couple of years and have been unlucky to sample such a tasteless Cigar. While the Siglo I has an equally dull taste profile but in a much smaller size.

When Cohiba get it right however, they are undoubtedly the best. My favourite of this brand, the Cohiba Robusto is such an indulgent masterclass of flavours that include amongst others gingerbread, butter and Honey. If the Siglo II can get close to this - then I'll be very happy.

The Cohiba Siglo II is relatively easy to get hold of in the United Kingdom. Most if not all of tobacconists who sell an average amount of Cigars will have this smoke along with the other Siglo's in the range. I purchased this Cigar for £15.20, the going rate it seems for these Cigars. You can get these on line for around for in the £14 mark if you look hard enough.

I've had two of these Cigars over the past few years and both were magnificent. I find that the blend of this Siglo is better than the Siglo I and the big fatty of the Siglo VI. I find that sometimes the flavour profiles of some of the other Siglo's to be a bit dull. I don't particularly like it when there's a bread kind of flavour profile as it seems to not induce a lot of complexity. Therefore it's very easy easy to get bored of the Cigar. And no-one wants to get bored of a £15 Cigar don't they?

To compliment this Cigar I have a bottle of Theakston's Old Peculiar and the latest episode of House. I'm hoping that the body and medium strength of the Old Peculier will go well with the flavour profile of the Cohiba. Hopefully the toffee notes of the Ale can interplay with the Honey notes of the Siglo. Fingers crossed, lets begin.

2. Presentation

One of the selling points of the Cohiba brand is it's high quality when it comes to production and presentation. The wrapper is clean with no large veins. No box press. Every band is perfect. None of this bad embossing of the band from box to box. This Cohiba is no exception. The wrapper is somewhat dark, about the average shade for these Cigars. The only small gripe is that the triple cap looks a bit wonky, like it's nearly lifted off. Oh well never mind. You can't have it all.

The head of the Cohiba Siglo II with the somewhat wonky cap and perfect band.

3. Cut & Lighting

The Cohiba Siglo II takes no effort at all to cut, there's not much resistance and therefore there are no problems. The cut is clean, and the draw is perfect. I'm liking this Cigar so far. Everything is of the highest standards. With the premium you're paying for the brand, you are expecting the highest of quality, and luckily enough this Cigar delivers as like many of the Cohiba's I've had in the past.

One of the things that was quite pronounced when I smelt the foot of the Cigar was the floral undertones with distinct barn yard. I'm not the biggest fan of barn yard but it's much better than lifelessness when it comes the smell.

4. First Third

With the first few puffs comes a robust leather and tobacco flavour profile that's not overpowering, but is smooth and agile. A few more puffs reveal a butterscotch, woody play that is quite nice as it delivers some depth with the Cigar. There's a good amount of smoke coming from the Siglo that indicates that it's burning well with a good indicative of the high quality of construction.

One of the highlights of the Cigar so early in is that the flavour profile is more medium to full than maybe at the bottom half of the medium scale. I've had too many Siglo's not excite me due to the lightness of the blend that makes the whole smoking process infuriating. If you're someone who likes the old school flavours of the Bolivar's and the Partagas' then you can probably tolerate the fuller than usual flavour profile of this Cohiba.

5. Second Third

Towards the second third and I can honestly say I can't find any fault with how the Cigar has smoked thus far. One of the highlights so far is that the burn is just perfect. Every draw sees the burn recede just perfectly down the Cigar without any angular twists or turn. Exceptional.

Into the second third of the Cohiba and it's smoking beautifully.

The flavour profile of the Siglo II however stays steady to the profile of the first third with hints of honey and leather. Boy this is good. This is very good. I can start to pick up some grassy notes that's not a bad thing. This might indicate a little youth but I think that change in flavour profile does the Cigar a little good than a little bad.

6. Final Third

It's getting to the end of the Siglo in the final third but the Cigar is still smoking exceptionally well. The burn is getting a little wayward but a small correction gets everything back on track. Naturally towards the end of the Cigar the strength starts to intensify and this one is no different. I finally let the Siglo II go when my finger tips start to burn and I can't hold on to it no more.

Coming towards the end of the Cohiba Siglo II

7. Conclusion & Scoring

I've had too many inconsistent Cohiba's in the Siglo line in the past but as with the other Siglo II's I've had these have been exceptional. If you are going to jump into the Siglo range then I would say this would be a good introduction to the range as the others could disappoint you. Also, the best of the range, like the Siglo IV for example, are quite expensive and are difficult to justify when you end up buying one Cigar where you could have bought two or three other Cubans for the price.

The Cohiba II is undoubtedly a classy and excellent smoke. At least around the second or third best Cohiba in the Siglo line after the recent release of the Cohiba IV in tubes. If you take your time and try to smoke the Cohiba slowly, the craftmanship allows the Cigar to burn slowly allowing you have at least an hour out of it where a lesser Petit Corona would only last you around forty five minutes. I managed to make the Siglo II last through an episode of House and two back to back episodes of Family Guy before I had to stop before I burnt my fingers.

Overall an exceptional Cigar and well worth the 91/100 score that I have given it. One of my favourite Siglo's. Now, how can I justify buying a box... and will the missus let me?

  • Appearance: 13/15
  • Draw & Burn: 19/20
  • Flavour & Complexity: 27/30
  • Overall: 32/35
  • Total: 91/100
Final Score:
4 out of 5
4 out of 5

Siglo II

The Siglo II is a Petit Corona sized Cigar, introducted as part of the Siglo range in 1994.

Cohiba Siglo II
Cigar Name: Siglo II
Size: Petit Corona
Factory Vitola: Marevas
Ring Gauge: 42
Length (mm): 129mm

Status: Currently Available.
Packaging Type: Cardboard Packs of 5
Launch Year: 1994
Packaging Type: Varnished Slide Lid Box of 25
Launch Year: 1994
Packaging Type: Boxes Of Three Aluminium Tubes of 3
Launch Year: 2008
Information last updated on Friday, 8th November 2013.
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