Fonseca Cosacos - Cuban Cigar Review

When I have the chance to sample a Cigar with a little bit of age on it, I had to jump at the chance. These Fonseca Cosacos were made in 1998, so they have had plenty of time to age into a great Cigar. But had they?

The Cigar I have for review today is a member of the Fonseca brand. With only three Cigars currently in it's brand portfolio, Fonseca is one of the smaller brands available. Currently, the KDT Cadetes, the Delicias and the Cigar I'm reviewing, the Cosacos are the only three that are currently in regular production.

Measuring in at 42 ring gauge by 5.3 inches in length, this Corona sized stick comes wrapped in white tissue paper, like all other Fonseca Cigars. This particular Cigar that I am smoking today I purchased from a friend on a forum that I'm a member of. I've been told that the Cosacos has come from a box with a code of NISU, meaning that the Cigar was constructed in 1998! This means that this particular Cigar has at least thirteen years of age on it!

A Fonseca Cosacos resting upon a Cohiba Ashtray.

On the nose, this Cigar doesn't have much of an aroma. There may be some light hay, but there's definitely no barnyard or similar strong flavours.

Unwrapping the Cosacos, I can get a better idea on how well the Cigar has been constructed. Giving the Cigar credit, it has been well rolled and put together. There are some green spots, probably due to excess moisture or water droplets, but these spots don't deter anything from the smoking of the Cigar. There are some veins in the wrapper. However they're quite minor and I don't see them affecting the burn.

A unwrapped Fonseca Cosacos.

The Cigar itself looks to have been rolled very nicely, it looks to have been packed nicely. Squeezing the Cigar slightly the Cosacos has a small amount of spring, which is nice, and there are no hard spots in the Cigar, so I'm not expecting the draw to be difficult either.

Cutting and lighting is fine. The draw is absolutely perfect! Rock on! Time to start smoking. I wasn't sure what I'd expect to be honest other than a light, floral flavour profile. After a few puffs, I understood exactly what this Fonseca Cosacos was all about.

The flavours are mainly woody, almost hay like aspect to it, underlined by a sugary sweetness. I found this flavour profile to stay the same throughout the whole Cigar. The Cigar was smoking really cool. Not like it was wearing sunglasses, but that it was not getting hot at any point during the smoke. Maybe a little bit of age has helped this Cigar.

Heading towards the second third of the Fonseca Cosacos.

Fair play. I was pleasantly surprised. After laying the Cigar down to rest, I was already on the major UK retailers looking to see if I could source a box. Whether a 2010 or 2011 box would be able to reproduce how this smoked, I'm not sure. But like they say, there's only one way to find out...

Final Score:
4 out of 5
4 out of 5


Cigar Name: Cosacos
Size: Corona
Factory Vitola: Cosacos
Ring Gauge: 42
Length (mm): 135mm

Status: Currently Available.
Information last updated on Saturday, 5th July 2014.
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