Rafael González Perlas - Cuban Cigar Review

This short, thirty minute Cigar was as inviting as they come. Dark and tasty, the Rafael González Perlas is a welcome addition to anyone's humidor.

Today's review is one Cigar that I've been going on about for a few weeks now. Maybe I've become a little too obsessed regarding the Rafael González Perlas. But when Habanos SA decide to release a short Cigar with a sensible ring gauge under the Rafael González brand I just had to sit up and take notice.

As I have mentioned a few times in articles here on SteveGriff.com, the Rafael González Perlas was released by Habanos at the tail end of 2011, and up until now has only been available in Spain. There has been no word regarding when the other major Cigar consuming countries will receive shipments of these. Hopefully we'll see the Rafael González Perlas start to arrive in the United Kingdom and everywhere else in the next few months.

A Rafael González Perlas

Measuring in at forty ring gauge by four inches long, I must admit I like the size of this Cigar. It looks like the perfect morning coffee smoke.

The wrappers for the Rafael González Perlas is dark, oily and inviting. I'm loving the shade of the wrappers. Maybe it's just me, but I find the dark wrappers so much more sexier. On the nose you have some barnyard, nothing pungent. It's just there.

After cutting the Cigar, I take a quick draw and find it to be typically Cuban. What I mean is, the draw has that right amount of resistance that you find with a good Cuban Cigar.

Into the first inch of the Rafael González Perlas

Lighting up the Rafael González Perlas is a doddle. The first few puffs are of a medium bodied, coffee profile with some cocoa and toasted tobacco.

Throughout the smoke, I find that the Rafael González Perlas not developing in terms of complexity or flavour profile. That's just fine with me. The size of the Cigar won't really give that complexity. I'm just looking for an honest smoke. The Rafael González Perlas is as honest as they come. It took me around thirty five minutes in all to smoke the Perlas, and enjoyed every moment of it. If you're one who seems to smoke fast then I don't expect this Cigar to last much longer than twenty five minutes. So it may be a little too short for some, and on the flip side just the ticket for others.

In Spain the Rafael González Perlas retails for around €2.50 a stick, so they are very reasonably priced. I don't know how much they would retail for here in the United Kingdom once they'd be released but I'd assume they'd cost more than £6.00. So if you're in Spain and you get the chance to pick up a box or two, I'd strongly recommend it. I'm happy that I got the chance to pick up a box of the Rafael González Perlas, as I have no doubt these will be a welcome addition to my smoking rotation.

Final Score:
3.5 out of 5
3.5 out of 5


Although released circa October 2011, the Rafael González Perlas have only been available so far in Spain. Currently the Perlas retails for around €2.50 a Cigar. No doubt the price point is very popular with smokers as the word is that they have been selling well.

Rafael Gonzalez Perlas

I was in fact surprised when Habanos SA decided to release the Perlas as part of the Rafael González brand, as the line had took a beating in the last ten years, with the Lonsdale, Corona Extras & Panatelas being discontinued.

Cigar Name: Perlas
Size: Tres Petit Corona
Factory Vitola: Perlas
Ring Gauge: 40
Length (mm): 102mm

Status: Currently Available.
Packaging Type: Dress Box of 25
Launch Year: 2011
Notes: First released in Spain, October 2011.
Packaging Type: Cardboard Packs of 5
Launch Year: 2013
Notes: To my knowledge, the first region to offer cardboard five packs of the Rafael Gonzalez Perlas for sale was the United Kingdom, in the last week of January 2013.
Information last updated on Tuesday, 9th December 2014.
A cardboard five pack of Rafael González Perlas A box of Rafael González Perlas A box of Rafael González Perlas Smoking a Rafael González Perlas shortly before the start of the 2013 Carmarthen Beer Festival.
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