Quintero Favoritos - Cuban Cigar Review

A review and critique of the Quintero Favoritos, a Robusto sized Cigar that has been available for purchase for the last two years.


Introduced in 2012, the Quintero Favoritos came as a bit of a surprise as there was no indication from Habanos S.A. that they would be expanding the Quintero brand or introducing a budget Robusto sized Cigar. Well, fast forward two years to today (August 2014), and it is safe to say that the Favoritos has been a mini-success story for Habanos. Although the Favoritos is in a strict sense a budget cigar, there is no doubt that it's selling point is that it punches way above it's weight.

A trio of Quintero Favoritos.

Construction & Flavour Profile

I've smoked around twenty Quintero Favoritos over the past two years, around twelve of those are from one box that was dated in the latter half of 2013 (I wish I kept the cardboard box that housed the cigars now so I could have given the exact date for this review). The other eight or so have been various singles purchased from brick and mortar stores from here in the U.K. and when I've been abroad in both Spain and Germany.

Quintero Favoritos.

What I have found is that whilst the Favoritos has that typical rustic Quintero construction, the cigar smokes very well and has flavour notes of leather, black tea and most prominently, toasted tobacco with a sour twang. Being a short filler cigar, there are no draw issues with the Favoritos, and the burn has been consistently good throughout.

Quintero Favoritos.

The Favoritos is a medium bodied smoke, so for the beginner you may find it a little too overpowering. If you do find them a bit too strong for your taste, then you might find the other vitolas from the Quintero range more to your liking. If you are looking for a lighter bodied Robusto sized Havana Cigar, then you would have to pay a little more I'm afraid for a cigar such as the El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme or the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2.

Quintero Favoritos.

Key notes regarding the Quintero Favoritos

Below is at a glance list of the main points regarding the Quintero Favoritos:

  • The Quintero Favoritos comes in both cardboard boxes of twenty five and packs of five There's no real difference in the quality of the cigar if housed in either.
  • Although a budget cigar, the Favoritos is a well constructed and has a well balanced flavour profile. Just note that the Quintero brand consists of short filler cigars. So if you find short filler's a bit of a pain, then you may would like to stay away.
  • Whilst the Favoritos is classed as a Robusto, it's official vitola is called the Concha No. 2. Whilst a Robusto is 50 ring gauge by 124mm in length, the Concha No. 2 has the same ring gauge but only a length of 115mm.
  • Although very well priced on mainland Europe - a single Favoritos will set you back around €3.00, here in the UK, due to high taxation, the Favoritos costs around £12.00 a stick. If you compare the price of the Favoritos against a premium Cuban Robusto, a Partagás Serie D No. 4, that may cost you around £16.00 a cigar, it may be more worthwhile for you to go for the Partagás instead.
  • In regards of ageing, there is enough 'oomph' in the cigar to be laid down for a couple of years and see how it develops. The predominant toasted tobacco and leather flavours may start to settle and calm down with three to five years on the cigar. As the Favoritos has only been available on the market for little over two years, it is currently unknown how the cigar will develop.
Quintero Favoritos.


Sometimes what you smoke is dictated by a number of factors that are not ideal, but you just don't want to compromise too much. You want something at least half decent to smoke. This is where the Quintero Favoritos comes in. There are times I want a cigar to smoke, that is flavourful, but does not break the bank, and I don't want to concentrate too much on. It may be one of those days when I'm not feeling at my best, or I'm watching the pennies and want to cut back on my per-cigar smoking.

Quintero Favoritos.

Whatever your situation is, I think there is room in your humidor for a box or two of the Quintero Favoritos. If you can get hold of them abroad, I'd not hesitate to fill yer boots.

Final Score:
3 out of 5
3 out of 5


Released in the second half of 2012, the Quintero Favoritos made it's debut in the Spanish market.

Six months later in January 2013, other international markets, including the United Kingdom and Hong Kong starting receiving shipments of the Quintero Favoritos.

The Favoritos has the largest ring gauge of the brand, and has a unique factory vitola of Concha No.2.

Quintero Favoritos
Cigar Name: Favoritos
Size: Petit Robustos
Factory Vitola: Concha No. 2
Ring Gauge: 50
Length (mm): 115mm
Year Released: 2012
Status: Currently Available.
Packaging Type: Cardboard box housing bundle of cigars of 25
Launch Year: 2012
Packaging Type: Cardboard Packs of 5
Launch Year: 2012
Information last updated on Tuesday, 12th August 2014.
A trio of Quintero Favoritos. A trio of Quintero Favoritos. Quintero Favoritos.
A bundle of twenty five Quintero Favoritos
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