1698 by Shepherd Neame

Type: Bitter
ABV: 6.5%
Brewery: Shepherd Neame

I usually find the beers from Shepherd Neame light and easy going. They don't usually produce full bodied, dark bitters. 1698 looks like another one of the light beers, but it's defiantly a wolf in sheep's clothing. The high alcohol volume of 6.5% gives it away slightly, but the light to medium amber colour doesn't. To find out for sure, as usual, It's all the tasting.

Beginning as a light, toffee-ish flavour, the beer quickly excels into a robust brew. Laden with zesty hops and a citrus twang towards the mid palete and finish. Underneath, almost a solid buttery texture. There is no gimmicks or OTT thoughts. Just an honest pint.

Deceiving is the word here. It's easy to drink three or four of these without thinking. And all of a sudden you're knocked out.

I never thought Shepherd Neame had it in 'em. I was wrong.

Very good. For the real ale lover who wants strength and flavour but not from a dark coloured bitter.

Final Score:
3.5 out of 5
3.5 out of 5
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