Dark Age by The Celt Experience

The Celt Experience's mild offering, this Real Ale is like a fruit cake in a glass. Another winner from the Newman's Brewery.

Type: Mild
ABV: 4%
Brewery: The Celt Experience

I drank quite a few pints of The Celt Experience's Dark Age down the Fox & Hounds last night.

On the nose there's a nice roasted coffee, with sultanas and fruit cake. Tasting, there's that fruity character that gives way to a raisinsand roasted finish. Very enjoyable.

Sitting outside the Fox & Hounds in Bancyfelin
smoking a Juan Lopez Petit Corona with The Celt Experience's Dark Age

Pairing Dark Age, I smoked the Juan Lopez Petit Corona. An irresistible combination.

See: Dark

Smell: Roasted, Sultanas

Taste: Fruit, Raisins

Final Score:
4.5 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
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