IPA by Greene King

One of the more common Ale's you'll find at a Pub or Resturant, Greene King's IPA is a solid and dependable Bitter.

Type: Indian Pale Ale
ABV: 3.6%
Brewery: Greene King

I was down in Gowerton, outside Swansea yesterday, and calling into Harvester for a bite to eat, I ordered a pint of Greene King IPA. As I have not reviewed this Ale as of yet this is the best time as any to do so.

The Greene King IPA reminds me somewhat of a Worthington Creamflow from how both of them looks. Possibly this is the IPA’s best selling point. You want something to drink, there’s no Worthy, so go for the next best thing.

At 3.6% ABV, the Greene King IPA is not a headbanger, you should be able to enjoy a few of these without needing to have a lie down.

The flavours are predominantly malt with a bitter finish. There’s an average to heavy amount of malt; that’s not a bad thing - it does taste damn good. With the hops, there is some on the back end of the flavours.

The head is solid and frothy, and the lacing is good, very good in fact. The beer is thick and creamy in the mouth. This drink can go well with a meal, it does a good job in the ‘clearing the palate’ somewhat department.

Another factor I liked with this beer was it’s price. While the other, more popular beers and lagers were priced over £3.00, keeping in line with the Real Ale’s are cheaper mantra, this was attractively priced at £2.65. More bang for your buck.

Overall a solid, middle of the road Ale you can enjoy if wherever you are is serving it. I’m going to give this a very respectable 7/10 just for being ‘there when you need it’. I do enjoy my San Miguel, Peroni’s or Kronenburg, but the Greene King IPA really hit the spot that day.

See: Rich Amber, Mahogany

Smell: Toffee, Malty

Taste: Malty

Final Score:
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
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