Double Dragon by Felinfoel

Felinfoel's Double Dragon is one of the most famed Ale's in West Wales. Heck, the Brewery dates back to 1878. Fruity mid section, dry, acidic and hoppy at the end.

Type: Indian Pale Ale
ABV: 4.2%
Brewery: Felinfoel

Felinfoel’s Double Dragon seems to be etched in history in parts of West Wales. From my childhood I can remember this Beer. Not that I touched any of the stuff when I was younger however, it’s just that when it shares it’s name with a popular arcade ‘fight ‘em up’ it made my smile every time I saw it in a pub.

Dark brown in colour, with a sparse head with very little lacing, Double Dragon is what I’d call traditionalist. The design of the labels are proudly telling you that this is what a Real Ale is, after all, it is ‘The National Ale of Wales’.

The flavours are very full. The initial blast of fruit flavours gives way to acidic amounts of hops. If you like your hops in large doses this is for you. For me however, I find the strength just too over the top, it unbalances the fruit that initially hits your tongue.

I’ve had pints of Double Dragon from cask - compared to the bottled version, they’re worlds apart. From a cask, it drinks a lot smoother, the large blasts of hops is a lot more mellower, allowing for a more rounded drink.

Not my favourite Real Ale from West Wales, by a long way.

See: Mahogany, Brown

Smell: Malty, Ripe Fruit, Hoppy, Orange Zest

Taste: Fruit, Bitter/Sweet, Hoppy

Final Score:
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
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