Beachcomber by Teignworthy

Teignworthy's Beachcomber describes itself as a Lager Beer, falling in between two poles. Don't let you put this off however, this is a great beer.

Type: Bitter
ABV: 4.5%
Brewery: Teignworthy

First thing you notice is the aroma from the Beer. It has a kick. There's a good helpful of citrus notes coming from the aroma, with some hops. This smells like a proper Real Ale. You know, when you're at a Beer Festival, when you stick your nose into the glass and you can smell that conditioning of the Ale. It's authentic brother!

This straw, golden ale coloured beer has a good head to it. I poured this pretty carefully due to it being bottled conditioned, but the Beachcomber still found enough carbonation in it to build a head. Talking about carbonation, there's a lot of bubbles in this Ale. Maybe Noteworthy are right, this Beer is actually ticking the boxes when it comes to something a Lager drinker would like. The colour, the carbonation, the head, all classic traits of a Lager, but hopefully the most important part, the taste, is where we see the qualities of a top class of a Real Ale.

At 4.5% ABV, the alcohol percentage will appeal again, to the Lager drinker.

A pint of Teignworthy's Beachcomber,
a Golden Ale, alongside it's newly empied bottle.

OK, I'm building this up a little too much now. I haven't even tasted a sip of this beer yet I'm climbing pretty close to the peak of Mount Olympus. Before I build you up too much buttercup I better give this a taste...

On the palate, the first thing you notice is the clean tasting mixture of straw and hops. Bingo! The fizzyness of the carbonation on the tongue helps intensify the flavours; the citrus notes come to the fore because of it. It's not a blockbuster of a Beer, it just does what it outlines on the bottle, and that's good enough for me.

Does it appeal to both Lager and Real Ale drinkers? I would say so. There's some Lager traits here, there's a lot of Real Ale traits here. I'd be happy to suggest Teignworthy's Beachcomber to any of my Lager drinking friends. They like alcohol too, and anything that taste's good also is bound to be a plus.

This is a pretty good session beer. I could drink a few of these on a night out and not be complaining towards 10pm wanting something better. You could drink at 11am or 11pm. You smoking a El Rey de Mundo, Romeo y Julieta or a Partagas, this beer will suit all styles.

An excellent Beer. Nice work Teignworthy, I'm looking forward to trying other parts of your Beer range.

Final Score:
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
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