American Double IPA by BrewDog

American Double IPA is Brewdog's Hardcore IPA rebranded for Tesco's Finest range. It packs one hell of a punch.

Type: Double IPA
ABV: 9.2%
Brewery: BrewDog

Brewdog who make shock tactics in the world of brewing as regular as making a cup of tea, have a zinger of a IPA here with their American Double IPA.

At 9.2%, this is one humdinger of a strong Beer. Brewdog know how to push the boundaries and think outside the Box. I’m a little surprised to be honest that Tesco would market this under their Finest range, as this seems a little too extreme.

Pouring the American Double IPA into my half pint glass, the first thing I noticed wasn’t the colour of the Beer, but instead it’s aroma. On the nose, there’s an avalanche of strong, fruity flavours coming through. Pineapple with a pinch of Port spring to mind.

Ruby in colour, with a nice thick head. The carbonation is lively. Hey, what do you expect?

Brewdog American Double IPA

Being double hopped, with it’s strong aroma and high alcohol content, I was expecting a barrage of flavours on the palate. Bracing myself, I gave the American Double IPA a deep glug... This Beer is bloody strong! The alcohol is very prominent here, there’s a strong barley wine character coming through. I had to question my missus whether she spiked the drink with something from my Spirits compartment.

After regaining my composure, I tried to distinguish the other flavours. Of course, the hops in the American Double IPA is on the extreme side. There’s some bitter fruits here. There’s a port element, that compliments the notes I picked up from the Aroma. Jesus Christ this beer doesn’t want to stop at assaulting your tongue, but also start punching you repeatably in the face.

Reading online, American Double IPA used to be called Hardcore IPA, until Tesco came along, a deal was struck, and the Beer was re-branded. I never got to taste Hardcore IPA, so I cannot comment on whether anything else was altered when the Ale was re-branded.

Well, final thoughts. Not my style unfortunately. The alcohol coming through in the palate was just too intense for my liking. Drinking American Double IPA felt like some kind of schoolboy dare. If I wanted to drink something similar, that was much better, I would just pick something from the world of Whiskey’s instead. A much better experience.

See: Red Brown, Ruby

Smell: Ripe Fruit

Taste: Wine

Final Score:
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
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