Jaipur by Thornbridge

My first Real Ale Video Review, Jaipur is an Indian Pale Ale that needs no introduction. A winner of over one hundred awards; Jaipur is renowned for it's citrus, hoppy flavours.

Type: Indian Pale Ale
ABV: 5.9%
Brewery: Thornbridge

Thornbridge's Jaipur has become one of the great Indian Pale Ale's of the last few years. Winning the Great British Beer Festival Gold Medal 2009 and over one hundred other awards, this Ale has been steeped with praise over the last few years. Even Oz Clarke loves the stuff.

Here's my first Real Ale Video Review. This week will be focusing on the Thornbridge brewery along with their other range of bottled beers including White Swan, Kipling, St. Petersbury Imperial Stout and Raven Black IPA. So sit back, enjoy and feel free to read my tasting notes below...

Light amber in colour, when first opening the bottle, a bouquet of vibrant citrus notes hit my nose. There's no tip toeing when it comes to Jaipur, on the bottle, it tells us that the taste leads up to a crescendo of hops. The 5.9% ABV is just about right - the alcohol doesn't come through in any part of the flavour. It just lifts the body of the Jaipur just enough.

There's a good amount of carbonation and the head is nice and fizzy. On the tongue, the fizzyness of the carbonation leads the way with the hops leading the tongue. This is one hoppy beer! It's not overpowering though. The citrus notes of the Jaipur aren't overpowering, the hops just gives way a little to a malty, with some light honey mid section and then finishing on the hops and dry finish that we started with.

In the mouth, the body of the Jaipur is about medium. It's thick enough to help carry those hop flavours nicely.

I like the balance with Jaipur. Sometimes, with these hop-centric Beer's, there's a tendency to go overboard. Not Jaipur. With the mix of Warrior, Chinook, Centennial & Antanum hops, this has been masterly mixed together to produce a fabulous Indian Pale Ale.

I found Jaipur at my local Waitrose. The bottle retails for around £2.25 so it isn't the cheapest bottle but quality wise I would say the price vs quality is just about right.

Rating Thornbridge's Jaipur, I'm going to rate this 8.5 out of 10. In it's Cask form, Jaipur is even better. I was fortunate enough to drink a quick half of Jaipur at the Welsh Beer and Cider Festival in June. The hops in the cask version was a little bit better mixed. Like a great Cigar when the predominant flavours mix and settle with age, the same could be said with the Jaipur when I tasted it a few months ago.

Overall, a great Beer and one you could have a few pints of and stagger home happily. Or even better, enjoy this with some nice oily food like a curry. Great effort.

Final Score:
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
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