London Stout by Meantime Brewing Company

London Stout is Meantime Brewering Co. take on the classic alcoholic drink that was first conceived in the City it's named after.

Type: Stout
ABV: 4.5%
Brewery: Meantime Brewing Company

This is my second review of a Beer from the Meantime Brewing Company, based in Greenwich, London. The first Porter I sampled, Chocolate was unbalanced, and didn’t taste like a Porter at all. With London Stout, I’m hoping that Meantime have got it right this time; a Beer indicative of everything great about the style that was created in the city it was brewed in.

Again, the packaging is top draw. The labelling is fantastic - I bought London Stout at my local Waitrose, and it doesn't look out of place next to other well packaged products in the alcohol range, Wine’s and beers. Really, would you like to see a Beer called “Cornish Knocker" in your local Waitrose or Marks & Spencers? I don’t know how Skinners managed to get away with that.

London Stout pours dark, with a nice frothy head. So far so good. The classic Stout style is there. On the nose, there’s a malty aroma that comes across.

Meantime Brewing Company’s London Stout, the glass and the bottle.

The initial flavours are very mellow. Light amount of malt, this is quite smooth on the palate. The finish is mellow also, there’s no bitter finish, it just ends where it started.

Like the Meantime Chocolate, the body of London Porter is surprisingly light. In the mouth, I was expecting a fuller consistency. It looks as if Meantime Brewing Company like their beverage range to be on the thinner edge of Viscosity.

Half way through the mark and I’m starting to get bored of London Stout. There’s nothing there. No bite to keep you occupied. Every mouthful I take, I just don’t want to drink anymore. I’m just not feeling this Beer. There’s nothing enjoyable about London Stout. I’m really disappointed.

It might just be me, but I’m not a big fan of the range that Meantime have. The products themselves look very tempting, but the flavours just let the beers down. I’d be interesting in tasting these from the cask, as they could be a totally different animal altogether. But London Stout, this time, you just don’t cut the mustard.

Final Score:
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
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