Punk IPA by BrewDog

Quickly becoming one of the most well known Artistan Brewers in the United Kingdom, Scotland's Brewdog make demanding Beers. Punk IPA is no different.

Type: Indian Pale Ale
ABV: 5.6%
Brewery: BrewDog

Scotland's Brewdog Brewery are renowned for pushing the envelope with their Beer's. Fully hopped Ale's, the usual speciality of the Americans, has made it's way to these shores in a big way. Along with the Thornbridge and Dark Star Breweries, we have seen a sharp increase of Beer's that pushes the palate of the pub drinker to the limit.

Today's review is one of the first Beer's from these shores that has made it's way to the mainstream. Brewdog's Punk IPA is probably the most popular and commercially available highly hopped IPA's available in your local Supermarket.

On the aroma, there's a light grapefruit aroma. Then to round off the grapefruit, I can pick up a straw element right at the end. I've found that in all my time tasting Beer's, if there is a grapefruit element in the aroma, then the hops have been flowing when making the beer. And from my experience, that's a good thing.

Pouring the Punk IPA into my half pint glass, the first thing you notice is the uniform, line straight carbonation. The head is frothy, that climbs two a good two fingers.

The flavours you expect from Punk IPA is exactly what you'd expect. With these Ales, the element that hits hard is the hops that attack the palate right away when you taste the beer. Punk IPA is no different. The sharpness is right there. You can't get away from the big flavours that are in concoction of Punk IPA.

You can't really knock Punk IPA in flavour. It's big, bold and brash, just like what it says on it's label. Maybe it's a little rough around the edges. I have definitely had the odd heavily hopped IPA that is a little more rounded than this.

Brewdog's Punk IPA is paving the way for heavily hopped Ale's in the United Kingdom. Many drinkers who seem to think they know a thing or two are migrating over to these big flavours. For a brewery heading the charge in such a way, they can only be commended.

Half pint of Brewdog Punk IPA along with it's bottle

See: Rich Amber

Smell: Grapefruit

Taste: Hoppy

Final Score:
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
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