The Governor by JW Lees

Celebrity TV Chef Marco Pierre White has created The Governor, an all-malt British Beer, brewed by the JW Lees Brewery.

Type: Bitter
ABV: 4.1%
Brewery: JW Lees


The Governor is an Ale created by celebrity TV Chef Marco Pierre White, and is brewed by JW Lees, the Manchester based independent family brewer.

I found The Governor in my local Morrisons, and according to a press release that I found online at the JW Lees web site, it is exclusively supplied to Morrisons only. However, you can find The Governor available nationwide via Punch Taverns and National Drinks Distributions.

I'm looking forward to tasting this Ale, and getting to understand what Marco had in mind flavour wise when he thought up this Beer. It's always interesting when someone who has a vast amount of knowledge in the areas of food and drink what that person think would be a great beer. Would I be call The Governor a success? Lets find out...

Marco Pierre White holding a pint of The Governor, an Ale devised by
     him and the JW Lees Brewery, Manchester.

On the bottle The Governor is described as an all-malt British Beer. I'm not sure what that means... are there any hops? When I open the bottle and tip it's contents into the glass, I get a sludge of malty mash? This is going to be interesting. There are no tasting notes on the bottle either. Not even Mr Cyclops. Lets see how this goes.

Body & Aroma

After popping off the black crown, I'm greeted with an aroma of biscuit, and only biscuit. To be honest, there's nothing much going on the nose at all. There's definitely no hoppiness coming through... maybe that's what the description means by an all-malt beer. You really have to give a deep sniff to get some aromas from this beer.

The Governor pours a golden amber, with very light to no carbonation. The head is scarce, almost non-existent. From the aroma and carbonation, I could call this beer dead. The only choice I have now is to taste The Governor and decide if the Beer is all taste, or nothing at all...


Not sure what I was going to expect from giving The Governor a good gulp. I didn't get much from the aroma, and funnily enough, I got not much from the flavour.

On the palate there's a good amount of malt, with that biscuit flavour coming through behind. The finish is very light and delicate. As there's no real hop bite, the malty flavours just round off The Governor.

Overall Impressions

Drinking The Governor, I feel as if there's a whole half missing to the beer. It's not foul, you can drink it, but it just feels that there's nothing to excite the palate. Would I suggest to you to go out and source this beer? The answer is a resounding no. There are much better Beers that this. I would even consider buying a foul tasting beer - at least I would be tasting something that would make me stand up and take notice.

See: Golden, Amber

Smell: Malty, Bread

Taste: Malty

Final Score:
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
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