Goliath by Wychwood Brewery

One of Wychwood Brewery's flagship beers, Goliath aims squarely at quenching your thirst being sweet and hoppy.

Type: Golden Ale
ABV: 4.2%
Brewery: Wychwood Brewery


Along with Hobgoblin, Goliath are Wychwood Brewery's two flagship brews, available up and down the British isle's in every major supermarket.

While Hobgoblin is more of a darker, moody brew, Goliath aims squarely at quenching your thirst, but being light, easy drinking, yet aims at being incredibly tasty.

At 4.2% alcohol volume, Goliath is in that area where it's not going to knock you out, but will keep you merry enough.

Body & Aroma

Golden Amber in appearance, with very little carbonation, Goliath is actually quite sedate. Sporting a two finger head, Goliath isn't trying to be fancy, but more middle of the road. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that.

On the nose, there's a delightful amount of sweetness, bought forth by the malts that are in the beer. Towards the end, you can detect the hops coming through, that rounds off the aroma perfectly.


Initial thoughts is that like the aroma, Goliath is all about the sweetness from the malts. I like the fact that there's no real harsh bitterness here, as it would be totally out of the place in the ethos of this beer.

The finish is long, however, maybe a little longer than what I'd expect because of the sweetness of this beer. The hops brings forth a little amount of bitterness but nothing offensive. With the bitterness, there's also some smoothness, almost velvety in texture that I also like.

Overall Impressions

Goliath was not devised to to be complex or fancy, but just to a quench a thirst. Goliath does just that. So, if you think that Goliath is one big beer in character, then you're wrong, this Ale is in fact a pussycat. Indeed a seductive one. I could happily buy two or three bottles of Goliath and happily drink this on a summers evening and it would compliment the mood and ambience I'm trying to achieve on having a nice evening - nothing too heavy, demanding or over-achieving.

See: Golden, Amber

Final Score:
3.5 out of 5
3.5 out of 5
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