Beer Tasting Notes for Anchor Brewing

Country: USA
Number of Tasting Notes: 1


Type: Porter
ABV: 5.6%


San Fransisco's Anchor Brewing Company is one of the most iconic American Beer brands. The brewery gained widespread popularity during the 1980's and is today seen as one of the Godfather's of today's American Microbrewery boom.

Today's Beer is their Anchor Porter. One of their five core beer's, Porter is 5.6% in alcohol volume. I've had their Porter a few times in the past and I'm always blown away by the flavours and how well it drinks. So for a special treat I've decided to review it on my site and put down some tasting notes.

Body & Aroma

What I love about Anchor is the aroma. Once you pop off the crown, an aroma of fruit, mixed with this rum and raisin profile just oozes from the bottle.

Like other Porter's, Anchor Porter is coal black. The head explodes in the glass when poured. At the best of times this is a two finger head. I would suggest giving it a few minutes before giving it a sip or you're going to get a beer moustache!


Everything I want taste wise from a Porter is here. Notes of Dark Chocolate, Cream Coffee, some bitterness. It's all here. However, it's all very smooth, yet complex. Every mouthful hits you with a different taste sensation. I'm impressed with how well Anchor Porter holds up in the mouth, it's full, velvety and incredibly agreeable. The finish is medium; what you get is a nice rounded bitterness, with a little amount of warmth.

Overall Impressions

One of my favourite all time Beer's - hands down! Anchor Porter delivers on so many levels while not over-extending itself.

See: dark

Final Score:
5 out of 5
5 out of 5