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Between of the years of <em>2002 - 2007</em> I managed to take photos of a whole host of various artists and groups. Highlights include <strong>Beck's</strong> acoustic <em>Sea Change</em> tour , early <strong>Kings of Leon</strong> and <strong>Bryan Ferry</strong> at Cardiff's <em>St. David's Hall.</em> I attended the 2003 Bonnaroo Music Festival where I managed to take a whole host of photos including <strong>James Brown</strong>, <strong>My Morning Jacket</strong>, <strong>Widespread Panic</strong> and <strong>The Allman Brothers Band</strong>.


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Frank Black and the Catholics

<strong>Frank Black and the Catholics</strong> play a highly energetic set at the <em>Old Fire Station</em> in <em>Bristol</em>.
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Emmylou Harris

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Warren Haynes of The Allman Brothers Band

It was great to see <strong>The Allman Brothers Band</strong> at <strong>Bonnaroo</strong>. Along with great jams and blistering Blues Rock, this incarnation of the band features musical heavyweights <strong>Derek Trucks</strong> and <strong>Warren Haynes</strong>.
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Arthur Lee and Love

I was very lucky to have been able to see <strong>Arthur Lee and Love</strong> perform three times after he was released from jail before his untimely death in <em>2006</em>. Here, Arthur Lee performed at the Colston Hall in Bristol with his band, members of <strong>Baby Lemonade</strong>. I managed to get some decent shots of Arthur himself and members of the band.
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Bryan Ferry at Cardiff's St. David's Hall

One of the best gigs I have ever been grateful to witness at Cardiff's <em>St. David's Hall</em>, <em>Bryan Ferry</em> was at top form, belting out the hits from his own and <strong>Roxy Music's</strong> back catalogue. I'll be eternally grateful for the first few rows of seats for the quality of the close up of these shops. As early as the first song in Ferry's set, a whole host of 40 or 50 something's got out of the seats and rushed to the front of the stage. I thought &quot;do it&quot; and joined them, so I was able to get a load of great shots of Ferry doing his stuff. I've not been always as lucky, a few years later at a <strong>John Martyn</strong> gig at the same venue, I got my camera confiscated. I guess they were thinking I was taping the show. Luckily I got my camera returned after the show.
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The Thrills at Cardiff University

<strong>The Thrills</strong> have always been an interesting band. They seem to have been able to churn out a good song, but after their debut album <strong>So Much For The City</strong>, they just didn't hit a cord with the fans or the critics. Here's pictures of The Thrills playing at Cardiff University's Great Hall on the <em>14th October 2003</em>, performing their debut album. I really liked this show, it had a great vibe and was quite high-octane for the most part.
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Luke Steele of the Sleepy Jackson

I've always believed that the <strong>Sleepy Jackson</strong> were terribly overlooked during the re-emergence of Alternative bands after <em>The Strokes</em> game-changing the whole music scene for the better. Their debut album, 2003's <strong>Lovers</strong> was brilliant, with <em>Vampire Racecourse</em> and <em>Rain Falls For Wind</em> being two of my favourite tracks. It's not all doom and gloom however. The Sleepy Jackson's founder and vocalist, <strong>Luke Steele</strong>, has now gone to achieve world-wide success with <strong>Empire of the Sun</strong>.
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Widespread Panic at the Bonnaroo Music Festival

One of the longest gigs I've witnessed was when <strong>Widespread Panic</strong> headlined the second night of 2003's <strong>Bonnaroo Music Festival</strong>. Starting around 9pm, they played for around four hours, churning out song after song. After the show, I stumbled my way through the mud with my totally knackered feet over to see <strong>The Flaming Lips</strong>, one of a few bands I have seen at both sides of the Atlantic.
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The Webb Brother's at Cardiff's Barfly

<strong>The Webb Brothers</strong> playing Cardiff's <strong>Barfly</strong> on the 5th September, 2003.
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The Warlocks

<strong>The Warlocks</strong> performing at Cardiff's <strong>Barfly</strong>.
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