Cuban Cigars Photos

I have been privileged over the last few years to have smoked a wide range of <em>Cuban</em> and <em>Non-Cuban Cigars</em>. In this photo collection are various images of Cigars I have brought and smoked over the last two years. Many of the Cigars pictured here have been reviewed in my <a href="" rel="nofollow">Cigar Reviews</a> section on my website.

El Rey de Mundo NL No.1 Regional Edition 2011

Here is a box of El Rey de Mundo NL No. 1 that I purchased on my trip to Amsterdam at the end of March. Petit Robusto in size, this little smoke is sweet and creamy. A little too powerful when I smoked one, give it time, and this will develop into a lovely little smoke.
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A box of Bolívar Coronas Junior

As we say goodbye to summer, the focus is now on stocking up on smaller smoked for those shorter, colder evenings. My first purchase for September is a box of Bolívar Coronas Junior. Medium to Full, this small sized stick should pair well with a good Porter or Stout.
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Juan Lopez Panatelas Superba

A little gem I found during my trip in <em>Germany</em> was the <strong>Juan Lopez Panatelas Superba</strong>, a slender Cigar that was sadly discontinued in 2006. A blinding forty minute smoke, if you can find the Panatelas Superba, then I strongly suggest that you snap the Cigar up.
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Setting Up at the Gwdihw Bar

The popular <strong>Gwdihw</strong> bar in Cardiff was host to a <strong>Cigar and Rum Tasting session</strong> on a warm Tuesday night. <strong>Berta Corzo</strong> was at hand to produce some hand made Cigars.
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The <strong>La Flor de Cano Short Robusto</strong> is part of the 2010 United Kingdom Regional Edition range. These finally got released in June 2011, and I finally managed to get hold of them in early August. I'm looking forward to reviewing one of these very soon. Will be interesting to see if it was worth the wait.
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Montecristo No. 5

The No. 5 is a <em>Tres Petit Cigar</em>, the smallest of the traditional range of the <strong>Montecristo</strong> brand. The Montecristo 'Twang' is there in spades. Perfect midday with a coffee, this Cigar should give you a good forty five minutes worth of smoking bliss. I'm pairing the Cigar with the <strong>Talisker</strong> ten year single malt whiskey.
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The <strong>Magnum 50</strong> is one of the newest releases of in the <em>H. Upmann</em> brand. Originally released as part of the Edition Limiteda range in 2005, these were re-released as for general production in 2008. Although smokable now, I think the Magnum 50 will benefit with a few more years of aging. The box date for these was 2008. So even after three years, I think they can do with another two or three years before you will see their true potential.
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Juan Lopez Petit Corona

One of my favourites when sufficiently aged, the Juan Lopez Petit Corona is a lovely midday Cigar. With a creamy complexity, the Juan Lopez reminds me little of a supercharged Diplomaticos #4. These are relatively easy to get hold of, and are well worth a try.
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The Cohiba Behike 52 resting

These are pictures of a <strong>Cohiba Behike 52</strong> that I smoked a few months ago. With such a high profile Cigar as this, there's always going to be the feeling that it will never hold up to the expectations you have before smoking it. However, the hype is totally justified. Everything about the Behike 52 is perfect. The construction, the flavour profile, the burn, the draw, everything. The first third was so rich in flavour, that it nearly blew my socks off! The ageing potential for this Cigar is immense. Give this another four or five years to age and you have a 96 point plus Cigar on your hands. I rated this as a 94. I think the Behike 52 just needs a few more years for the strength and complexity to meld together. Yes, it is an expensive Cigar, but it's one of those smokes that you have to at least try once on a special occasion.
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Cuaba Divinos

The Divinos is the smallest Cigar in the Cuaba range. A Tres Petit sized Cigar, the Cuaba has a similar flavour profile as it's bigger brothers. Predominantly tobacco notes with hints of vanilla and a metallic finish.
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Cuaba Generosos

The <strong>Cuaba</strong> brand is well known for it's pointed shape at the end of the Cigar. Known as a <strong>figuardo</strong>, all Cigars in the Cuaba range come like this. I was gifted this <strong>Cuaba Generosos</strong> during a Cigar trade and was happy to try it. An interesting Cigar. Although the flavour profile with primarily tobacco, there was this wine element that I could taste that was very seductive. It was very difficult to put my finger on exactly the flavour but it was there.
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The H. Upmann Noellas Band

One of the more exciting releases from Habanos SA in the past few years, the <strong>H. Upmann Noellas</strong> come in a <strong>Glass Jar</strong> of 25 Cigars. I was fortunate enough to obtain five of these from a Cigar Forum member. With notes of <strong>gingerbread</strong>, <strong>sherbet</strong> and mild <strong>tobacco</strong>, the H. Upmann Noellas is a well balanced, beautifully complex smoke. A must purchase for any Cigar aficionado.
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Partagas Petit Coronas Especiales

I smoked this little Cigar on the balcony of the hotel I was staying in <strong>Cyprus</strong>. Like it's brother, the <strong>Partagas</strong> short, the <strong>Petit Coronas Especial</strong> is a powerful little smoke with heavy notes of meat and leather. Think of a smaller version of the <strong>Partagas P2</strong>. This is one hell of a Cigar.
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La Casa Del Habano, Paphos, Cyprus

During my holiday in the Harbour town of Paphos in Cyprus, I spent a Friday morning in the Le Casa Del Habano. I was impressed with the great selection of rare stock that they had, including many boxes of lesser known brands such as <strong>La Flor de Cano</strong>, <strong>Troya</strong> and <strong>Cabanas</strong>. The store assistant was very kind in allowing me to take some photographs of the stock that was available in the walk in humidor.
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H. Upmann - Short Robusto - Edition Limiteda 2009

One of my favourite discoveries of 2010, the <strong>Short Robusto</strong> was unlike any other <strong>H. Upmann</strong> I have ever smoked. While H. Upmann's are usually mild in flavour profile, this one was more medium bodied. With peppery overtones, the Short Robusto had a kick that kept me interested to the nub. I have to get more of these.
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Vegas Robaina Famosos

I find the Vegas Robaina range share a lot in common with <strong>Ramon Allones</strong>. They both have a predominant <em>dried fruit</em> component. Ramon Allones is fuller bodied, but Vegas Robaina is a much more elegant smoke. The <strong>Famosos</strong> is a medium bodied smoke, and is guaranteed to please the smoker who wants something a little more chilled out than the Bolivar Royal Corona's, Romeo y Julieta Exhibition #4 or Partagas Series D4.
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Por Larrañaga - 2010 UK RE - Regalias de Londres

I smoked the <strong>Por Larrañaga Regalias de Londres</strong> on a lazy Monday evening while watching back to back episodes of <em>Boardwalk Empire</em>. This Cigar, along with the <strong></strong>La Flor de Cano Short Robusto makes up 2010 United Kingdom's Regional Edition Cigars. Taking it's cue from 2007's <strong>Por Larrañaga Magnifico</strong> this is an elegant Cigar. It is light to medium bodied, with elements of light caramel and a subtle floral element. I'd suggest that you try this in possibly in a year or so, as it is no doubt made for ageing. A thumbs up!
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Partagas Series D Especial

This is the second <strong>Partagas Serie D Especial</strong> that I have smoked since purchasing a box in early August. The first one I tried in mid August, wasn't as good as I expected it to be as it seemed to lack any complexity or &quot;punch&quot; that I would expect from a <em>Partagas</em>. However, this one was totally different! A medley of <em>leather</em>, <em>sweet chocolate</em> and a lingering bitter finish are the dominant flavours of the Cigar. These are good to go now. I'm hoping to pick up another box of these in the near future as they are ready now, but are defiantly going to get better.
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A few weeks ago I was contacted by <strong>Akhil Kapacee</strong>, an employee of <a href="" rel="nofollow">Regius Cigars</a>. He suggested that if I should try a Cigar from their range as it would suit my palette for medium to full bodied Cigars. I decided to purchase the <em>Robusto</em> vitola from their range. I was surprised with the flavour profile that they managed to produce in their blend. Medium bodied, with a little more of a kick than you'd usually expect from a <em>Nicaraguan</em> Cigar, yet retaining the hallmarks of the tobacco that originated from the island. In the middle of the second third towards the final stretch I tasted an intense, lovely <em>dark chocolate</em> flavour that was impeccable. <strong>Regius Cigars</strong> put a whole lot of pride in their Cigars and it shows here in spades.
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Serie A - Full Image

One of my favourite Cuban Cigars to smoke with a coffee after lunch or mid-afternoon. The <strong>Saint Luis Ray Serie A</strong> is a lovely smoke with some <em>dried fruit</em> and <em>caramel</em> characteristics. The Serie A is relatively easy to get hold of and is marginally cheaper than other brands of this size. I would suggest that you give these a go, a must for any humidor.
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El Rey De Mundo Choix De L'Epoque

The <strong>El Rey De Mundo Choix De L'Epoque</strong> is one of two Cigars released for the United Kingdom as part of the <em>2009 Regional Edition series.</em> I have smoked two of these so far. One in October 2009 and the other in late August 2010. Unfortunately I was disappointed with both. There is a harshness in flavour that I just couldn't shake off. Even with a decent amount of aging the one I smoked in August almost a year later still had that harshness. The trademark summer, buttery flavour often associated with the <em>El Rey De Mundo</em> brand just did not shine through and ultimately led to disappointed. Usually <em>Hunters and Frankau</em>, the sole UK importer of Cuban Cigars who commission these are spot on with releasing wonderful Regional Editions for these islands look to have missed the target on these.
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Hamlet Jaime Paredes at The Bear Shop, Cardiff

As part of his tour of the UK, <strong>Hamlet Jaime Paredes</strong> spent two days in Cardiff's Bear Shop demonstrating the masterful art of rolling Cuban Cigars
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Diplomaticos #2

I smoked this Torpedo on an unpredictable Saturday afternoon in Bath with a bottle of <strong>Abbot Ale</strong>. A unique Torpedo where the blend concentrates on being smooth and creamy as opposed to being strong and full bodied.
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Romeo y Julieta Exhibition #4

Over the last year, the profile of the <strong>Romeo y Julieta Exhibition #4</strong> has greatly improved as many smokers have noted that the blend quality has improved. I smoked this Cigar on a lazy Sunday, and was impressed with it's combination of <em>aniseed</em>, <em>honey</em> and typical RyJ flavours.
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Part of the <strong>2010 Edition Limiteda</strong> range, the <strong>Partagas Serie D Especial</strong> has already had many rave reviews from fellow Cigar Aficionados online. Fans of the Partagas P2 and D4 will sure to love these. I would suggest that you at least purchase a few singles of these to keep in the Humidor for any special occasion. This box of ten was brought at the <em>Casa de del Habano</em> in <em>Hamburg</em>.
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Full shot of the Fonseca KDT Cadettes

The <strong>Fonseca</strong> brand fit in the low to middle price range of the Cuban Cigar market. Unique in that they come wrapped in a white, Japanese Tissue Paper, they are light bodied and are aimed more for the novice or someone who maybe wants an aperitif Cigar. I reviewed the <a href="" rel="nofollow">Fonseca KDT Cadettes</a> for my <a href="" rel="nofollow">Cigar Reviews</a> section.
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Romeo y Julieta Duke 2009 Edition Limiteda

The Romeo y Julieta Duke is one of three Edition Limiteda Cigars for 2009, along with the <strong>Trinidad Robusto T</strong> and <strong>H. Upmann Magnum 48</strong>. I can see why many smokers love this Cigar. The typical <em>Romeo y Julieta</em> flavours, of tobacco and are there in droves. The wrapper is dark and oily; always a good sign. The construction was perfect, with only a small amount of correcting needed on the burn.
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I was lucky to obtain three of these Cigars from a friend off the now defunct <strong>ClubHavana</strong> Cigar forum. An interesting size, these have a thinner ring gauge and longer length then even a <em>Lonsdale</em>.
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Cohiba Siglo IV

When you think of Cohiba, a number of things pop into my head. Firstly, it's the excellent construction. Secondly, it's the light grass, butterscotch flavours. Thirdly, it's the perfect draw and burn. The <strong>Cohiba Siglo IV</strong> that I smoked in early 2010 had all those characteristics.
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Partagas P2

Over the last few years, the Partagas P2 has emerged as one of the best Cigars to be produced from Cuba. The Partagas P2 has everything. Excellent construction and a beautiful aroma. The draw is always perfect, and the flavours are superb. Consistency is always high with these. I've had both the tubed and boxed versions of this Cigar and there isn't much difference between both in terms of smoking characteristics.
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Guantanamera Cristales in it's Plastic Tube

<strong>Guantanamera</strong> is a budget brand from Habanos SA. Unique in the fact they are the only brand from Cuba that comes in <em>clear plastic tubes</em>. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst Cuban Cigars I have ever smoked. I might as well have been smoking a piece of paper. Devoid of any characteristics whatsoever. If you are looking to purchase a cheap Cuban, I would hastily suggest the <strong>Jose L Piedra</strong> or <strong>Quintero</strong> product lines over anything that is branded under the Guantanamera label. Never again.
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Juan Lopez Seleccion Suprema

Part of the 2008 Regional Special Editions for the United Kingdom. Smoked this Friday night and was impressed with how much depth and complexity that the Cigar had. A brilliant &quot;Special Occasion&quot; Cigar, notes of deep leather, aniseed, citrus and mocha. Reserve around an hour and a half for this behemoth.
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I managed to purchase from <a href="" rel="nofollow">CGars LTD</a> a sampler pack of the 2008 Regional Editions released for the United Kingdom. The Punch, and La Gloria Cubana Over the last two years, from tastings and reviews that I have read, the Punch is hands down the preferred smoke of many aficionados. <em>Mitchell Orchard</em>, the Managing Director of CGars Ltd. is a big fan of the Punch and loves to 'sample' them whenever he can!
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The <strong>Juan Lopez #2</strong> Over the last two years, the Juan Lopez #2 has had many rave reviews, because of it's strong, <em>coffee</em> and <em>grass</em> like flavours. As of 2010, the Juan Lopez #2 has overtaken the <em>Partagas D4</em> as the best Robusto produced in Cuba in recent times.
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The <strong>Sancho Panza Non Plus</strong> is a small <em>Petit Corona</em> sized Cuban Cigar. I smoked this on a blustery day at the <em>New Conway</em> in the Pontcanna district of Cardiff. For the price not a bad Cigar, but not a great one either.
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H Upmann No 2

The <strong>H. Upmann No. 2</strong> is a <em>Belicosos</em> sized Cigar that is light to medium in body. A great <em>anytime</em> Cigar, it's an excellent smoke when pairing with some daytime Coffee.
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San Cristobal El Principe

These are pictures of the <strong>San Cristobal El Principe</strong> that I <a href="" rel="nofollow">reviewed</a> in March 2009. One of the more insider brands, <strong>San Cristobal</strong> always seem to hit the mark with their trademark profile of nuts and mocha. The El Principe upholds this tradition; delivering a flavour bomb.
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Ramon Allones 8-9-8

The <strong>Ramon Allones 8-9-8</strong> was a surprise find for me, while looking through the <em>Davidoff Shop</em> in <em>London</em> looking for a Cigar that I have yet to sample. These have been discontinued for a while now, so I immediately purchased one. My thoughts on this Cigar have been captured in my <a href="" rel="nofollow">review</a>.
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Hoyo De Monterrey De Depute

The <strong>Hoyo De Depute</strong> is a delightfully creamy smoke from the <strong>Hoyo De Monterrey</strong> Cuban Cigar brand.
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Montecristo #2

One of Cuba's most famous Cigars, the <strong>Montecristo #2</strong> has been a favourite amongst aficionado's for a long time. However, as of the last few years (from 2005 to 2009), the general consensus amongst Cigar smokers that the quality of the Montecristo has dipped. Unfortunately I would have to agree with them.
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