Thank you's & Acknowledgements

Below are a list of thank you's and acknowledgements. A lot of work could not have been done without references to other sites.

Cuban Cigar Website

Trevor Leask, Owner of

The de-facto resource for Cuban Cigars. Trevor Leask has built the ultimate knowledge base documenting both major and minor Cuban Cigar brands, with information on how a Cigar is made, and how to best keep Cigars. Visit the Cuban Cigar Website.

Jimmy McGhee - Hunters & Frankau

Jimmy McGhee, of Hunters & Frankau.

In order to obtain Cigar imagery for the site, I've had to do a lot of asking. Special mention in this regard has to be made to Jimmy McGhee of Hunters & Frankau, the UK distributor of Cuban Cigars, who put up with my incessant nagging for pictures of UK Regional Editions and new releases.

A keen Arsenal fan, Jimmy can be found talking Cigars and Football on Twitter.

Min Ron Nee

If you are looking to improve your knowledge of Cuban Cigars, including all the post-revolution brands, then look no further than Min Ron Nee's excellent An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars.

Although the book is currently out of print, copies can often be found in specialist Cigar retailers. The odd copy finds it's way onto eBay from time to time, but the reserve price is usually over-inflated. If you do want to find yourself a copy, I suggest asking on any reputable Cigar forum; there’s usually one person on there who knows of somewhere that sells a copy.