Beck :: 06/09/1996 - W. 54th Avenue, New York City, NY, USA.


<p> Originally recorded for the popular Television show, Sessions at West 54th, Beck and the group are in fine form and possibly produce one if not the best performance of 1997. </p> <p> It’s obvious that a lot of preparation has been put into the performance, with Beck doing the whole James Brown meets Mick Jagger attitude to a tee. Standouts include note perfect performances of <em>Devils Haircut</em>, <em>Novocane</em> and <em>The New Pollution</em>. </p> <p> The acoustic section is well represented, with performances of the popular <em>Rowboat</em> and <em>Asshole</em>. An outing of the rarely played <em>Ramshackle</em> is a highlight. </p>


  1. DJ Swamp (Are You Ready?)
  2. The House of Jack
  3. Devils Haircut
  4. Novacane
  5. Hotwax / Little Drum Machine Boy Medley
  6. Debra
  7. Alegretto Per Signora
  8. The New Pollution
  9. Sissyneck
  10. Derelict
  11. Rowboat
  12. Ramshackle
  13. One Foot in the Grave
  14. Asshole
  15. Jack-Ass
  16. Where It's At
  17. DJ Swamp Solo
  18. High 5 (Rock the Catskills)