Beck :: 10/12/1996 - Brixton Academy, London, England, UK.


<p> One of the more popular recordings from 1996, this captures Beck on the U.K. leg of the late 1996 European tour. Opening with the high-octave <em>Thunderpeel</em>, the show comes across high-adrenaline, with everyone going full pelt. The usual, mid-tempo <em>Lord Only Knows</em> is given a faster, “can’t stop now” rendition, while <em>Minus</em> and <em>The New Pollution</em> keeps up the urgency. </p> <p> The acoustic set tones everything down a bit with good renditions of <em>Asshole</em>, <em>One Foot In The Grave</em> and <em>Pay No Mind (Snoozer)</em>. </p>


  1. Thunderpeel
  2. Lord Only Knows
  3. Minus
  4. The New Pollution
  5. Derelict
  6. Loser
  7. Asshole
  8. One Foot In The Grave
  9. Pay No Mind (Snoozer)
  10. Where It’s At
  11. Devils Haircut
  12. Sissyneck
  13. Debra
  14. Beercan

Recording Notes:

<p> There are two different versions of this show available, taken from the same source. </p> <p> The source is from <em>BBC Radio 1</em>. </p> <p> The most popular recording is from the bootleg <em>Swinging London</em>, a popular commercial Bootleg from 1997. </p> <p> The second recording is a homemade DAT transfer direct from radio. This version has the introduction from Steve Lamacq. </p>