Beck :: 05/10/1997 - W. 54th Avenue, New York City, NY, USA.


You can't get much better Beck than this. Recorded for the Television show 'Sessions at West 54' after the Odelay tour, Beck and the boys are in fine form here. If you're a Beck newbie and looking for one live show, this is it.


  1. Introduction
  2. Devils Haircut
  3. Novocane
  4. Hotwax
  5. Debra
  6. TV In The Kitchen
  7. The New Pollution
  8. Sissyneck
  9. Derelict
  10. Rowboat
  11. Ramshackle
  12. One Foot In The Grave
  13. Asshole
  14. Interlude
  15. Jack-Ass
  16. Where It's At