Beck :: 10/10/1998 - Silicon Planet, San Jose, CA, USA.


A very interesting show. Firstly, the show was a concert put together by <em>Microsoft</em> of all people, and included performances from other groups including <em>Devo</em>. This recording contains the earliest recorded version of <em>Hollywood Freaks</em>, and the first and last live performance of <em>Let The Doctor Rock You</em>, possibly a throwaway song from the <em>Midnite Vultures</em> sessions. Oh, and don't forget the cover of <em>Eddy Grant's Electric Avenue</em>.


  1. Loser
  2. Novoane
  3. Beercan
  4. Let The Doctor Rock You
  5. Deadweight
  6. Hollywood Freaks
  7. Debra
  8. The New Pollution
  9. Sissyneck
  10. One Foot In The Grave
  11. Jack-Ass
  12. Hotwax
  13. Tropicalia
  14. Where It's At
  15. Devils Haircut
  16. Electric Avenue