Beck :: 24/10/2000 - Wiltshire Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA.


A very eclectic performance by Beck. Including rare cover of <em>He's A Mighty Good Leader</em> and <em>Creolle Belle</em>. Also includes a performance of <em>Broken Train</em>, which is always a delight to hear.


  1. Cold Brains
  2. Lazy Flies
  3. Lonesome Whistle
  4. Dead Melodies
  5. Bottle of Blues
  6. Sing It Again
  7. The Golden Age
  8. He's a Mighty Good Leader
  9. Who's That Knockin' At My Window?
  10. We Live Again
  11. Go Easy
  12. Jack-ass
  13. Creole Belle
  14. O Maria
  15. Nobody's Fault But My Own
  16. Where It's At
  17. Broken Train
  18. Debra
  19. The New Pollution
  20. Forcefield